Grab The Opportunity In Owing E-commerce Affiliate Stores With eCompare

Grab The Opportunity In Owing E-commerce Affiliate Stores With eCompare


Do you know that 53% of global internet users have made an online purchase just in the last year? That is over 1 billion users that have shopped online.

If you could get 1% or .01% or even .001% of that market, you will be set! There are so many buyers and so much traffic to go around at those numbers.

Key Element #1 is to create your own e-commerce affiliate store using eCompare software

I know, the question that might be popping up in your mind now is why should I own an affiliate store? And what is eCompare 2 software?

Let me start by introducing you to the new cutting edge affiliate store solution known as eCompare.

eCompare is the only affiliate store builder with ‘Live, Dynamic Price Comparison

The following are benefits…….


When trying to profit online, the best thing you can do is carry the least amount of risk, with the highest return on investment.

Why carry stock or have overheads when you can stand on the shoulder of online retail giants and help their businesses sell more products, using your affiliate stores?

They will LOVE you for it and gladly fill up your bank account with generous affiliate commissions… if you know which ones are the right ones to partner with.

 2. Automate Affiliate Store build up

eCompare2 now builds complete niche targeted fully stocked affiliate stores in minutes based on nothing more than a keyword.

3. In-built Price Comparison Technology

eCompare2 takes the “I-hope-I-am-getting-the-best-price” phenomenon and makes it work for you, using our unique inbuilt Price Comparison technology

4. Integration with 7 leading online retailers

It integrates with 7 leading online retailers like Amazon. eBay, Alibaba and the rest and it automatically comes with your affiliate links to those sites.

5. It Capitalizes on Human Nature of Wanting the Best

We all want the best price & the best deal. So it’s natural to look around for the best price and items that fit our needs. Think about it (We’ve all done it). It automatically does it using inbuilt API for every product a buyer search for on your store and it also updates dynamically when the price at any of the store changes.

6.It Gives Your Customers Targeted Choices the Best Deals, Prices, Options In One Place

Imagine how much easier it will be to make more sales by simply giving customers price options. They can pick whatever prices work best for them, and no matter what they pick, you make a profit!

By using a comparison engine on each product you list & sell, you are letting the customer decide which of the prices or deals they value the best. They never leave your site in search of a better deal and you never lift a finger. It’s a WIN WIN!


Targeted Store Builder

API Works With 7 Platforms

Price Comparison Engine

Instant Stock




You need a domain, a domain is a unique web address like

You will need a hosting solution

You will need a PayPal account to get paid when your store makes sales

How Much Is the Cost?

The Software costs $



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