Best Intstagram Automation tool 2019- 10 Automations You Can Do Today

Best Intstagram Automation tool 2019- 10 Automations You Can Do Today

Instagram is now the new lifeblood of any serious online business and internet marketer.

 It’s is effective and has high-quality traffic that converts into sales

 Getting the best of Instagram manually isn’t easy, if not virtually impossible that’s why having ReachTreat software will help you achieve a lot in your Instagram traffic goal and boost your sales.

It is a good online practice THAT YOU DIVERSIFY your traffic and sales source and Instagram is one major source you can easily do on autopilot using ReachTreat

Let’s dive into the topic at hand, the: “10 automation you can implement today to get the best of Instagram”

  1. Automatic Following

You can automate following of accounts relevant to your niche to increase engagement and outreach of your post.

  1. Automatic Likes

Automating likes relevant to your post on autopilot will help you get reciprocal approach and awareness among brands that are relevant to your niche. You will also have a need to tell your own story too to them to reciprocate; this will take you to the next point…


  1. Stories Automation

You need to have your stories written or upload in advance so as to make being consistent easy for you; this automation feature will help you achieve that.

 How will you also like having automated scheduling, check on it, in the next paragraph

  1. Automate Post Scheduling

Automate Scheduling of post as you want with just a few simple clicks and keep your audience always engaged.

  1. Automate Brand Name Following & Likes

Automate selection of brands that only post videos to follow or select the brand who only post images to follow. What if you could automate the following of brands outside your location or at a specific location. You get to know more about that in the next point.


  1. Automate Location Based Following & Likes

select your desired location and the software will only follow accounts according to your selected location and like posts in your selected location. You can also automate digging deep into your audience based on their behavior, see below.


  1. Automate User Behavior Following & Likes

By automating Selection of people that only post video to follow or select the people who only post images to follow. Select only video posts to like or select only image posts to like. What about if you decide to automate unfollowing some set of people or brand? You get to know about that below

  1. Automate Unfollow Feature

 If you activate this feature, it will unfollow all the people that don’t follow you back or unfollow all of the people that you have followed 100 percent automated. Would you love to have big exposure for your post, then, be sure to use trending hashtags, how would you know the trending hashtags? I can hear you saying “I’m not a bot!!”. read below…..

  1. Automate Trending HashTags Feature

This feature will automatically add the most trending hashtags to your posts thereby making your post also to get more exposure. The last, though not the least is…..

  1. Automate Sharing Videos Feature

Share videos instantly or schedule them to be posted in the future using this feature

Wrapping up…

These features will get you the best traffic, engagement and ultimately sales from your Instagram account. So, what are you waiting for, get yours today at the early bird price of $37/$47 equivalent of ₦13,505/₦17,155?







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